Mana Surge on 4 gem matches makes a huge gameplay difference!

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Does the 3.05 pc version contain AI improvement
[/quote]We will explain it in more detail when we release 3.0.5, but the current answer is no. This version of 3.0.5 will ONLY be releasing on PC, and not on Mobile. Mobile will still be getting the non-Unity version of the game (same as what they are used to) with a majority of the same features as the PC Unity version. Some features will be missing from Mobile, including the animation speed, as this was something we could only achieve in the Unity version of the game. Since PC players and Mobile players are on the same servers, we do not want players to favor a platform which has major gameplay differences
, like if the AI was completely different on PC and not on Mobile. So as seen in the video above, the Console AI and the defense preference sliders will be disabled until all versions are using the Unity version.[/quote]
To fill up troops with 15 mana or higher such as khorvash or famine e.g. you only need 2-3 turns now especially in combination with cascades. The change from 22 to 24 mana for famine makes no difference anymore, maybe a change from 24 to 48 makes a difference :stuck_out_tongue: from 2-3 to 5-6 turns (without cascades) to fill her spell up.

Why do 4 gem matches never Mana Surge?

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Finally we got the mana surge chance on 4 gem matches like console have, which is great! :smiley:

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The AI is also very happy, now she can win far more often :drooling_face:

Oh we did warn you all that mana would come much quicker for you and the ai.

Its very common for ai team to go from 0mana to all troops full in one cascade on console. That happened very rarely on PC b4 latest update.

Sorry time to adapt

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I did not understand your OP, do you want the old 4 matches no mana sourge back again? If so I have another thread to mute. :stuck_out_tongue:


No, I want to say that we have differences now between mobile and pc, playing on mobile phone is a lot easier than on pc but we are all in the same guild. → gameplay differences between mobile and pc

Yeah, game has finally become a little more difficulty, I have been waited for this change since I started 1,5 years ago.

I’m fine with 80% win rates or lower instead of 95% or higher.
Only 60% downwards it becomes problematic.

Nor has this change been announced anywhere, or have I overlooked something?

I could not find any official notes about this, however its been said for a long time that PC will get the consoles version of unity mechanisms for a few months, so it was in the air. Not easy to find if one are not much at these boards, indeed.

Which is what happened since the move to Unity. Players favor a platform because major gameplay differences. PC for PvP because of speed animation and Mobile for GWs because AI and cascades is “tamer”.

Agreed with OP that surge in 4 matches makes a huge difference in gameplay. I’m not saying 4 matches should never surge. When my guildmate post a board picture asking for help, I always ask them if they play on mobile or PC because that will determine my decision to perform certain move e.g. whether to match 3 or 4.

Speed animation also makes huge difference in trophy/PvP points gained. There’s no way players who play only in mobile could compete with PC players on the leader board. Another thing I concerned about this speed thing, and I’ve questioned it before it goes live, is if you guys could differentiate when someone activate it or using bots/3rd party program. Because you guys have problem to detect some of those programs or bots in the past.

So until all using the Unity version, according to your post, consider disable some features that’s not available on one platform until all using same Unity version.


The line about not having to favor a certain platform has been missed with the update. You have to play on PC if you want to compete for a top rank in PvP. 4x speed and surges on 4 matches heavily favors the speed of PC battles over a mobile battle.

Not that I really care. I never have any intention of playing that much PvP in one week.

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In combination with that troop stat problem the differences are bigger than ever.