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Mana Seal status effect

A new idea for a field status effect similar to a Storm.
Think of it as a seal against a particular color.
IE. Ice Seal for Blue, Leaf Seal for Green, Light Seal for Yellow… etc
While the status is active, both sides will be unable to receive any Mana from the target gem match, ergo the “seal.”

I think this can be a decent “Counter-Breaker” against the recent craze with all the extra turns, since a Seal against Green would effectively break the Forest Troll/Kraken loop.

And yea, a Bone Seal would effectively render all Skull damage Null as well for the span of the duration, which I think could add some neat element to the gaming playstyle.


Better than not recieving the mana, make it it work exactly like a reverse storm. During a red seal, no red gems drop, and so on. Ofc Summoning a storm or another seal would overwrite the current one.


The idea is not bad, but considering how GW is works these Mana Seals would probably wreck the gameplay of beginners…
As it stands the defending guild already have the advantage with no restriction at all on what they can use on defense while the attackers are “almost being punished” if they don’t play the said color.


Oooh snap! I didn’t think of that!

Ummm… nice idea but likely to break the game, I think…

i think it wont break the game if:

  • seals and storms cancel each other (summon either of any type and the previous one disappears)
  • seal will last for x matches of the color, not x turns
  • seal turn count will be decreasing additionally each time the color gems are matched, so not only with the turns passing but supposedly faster

and i like the idea of such effect

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