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Mana drop imbalance worse than before the update

Since the update on console on Tues/Wed, I’ve noticed that the teams I played successfully with in the past are now getting OWNED! It was frustrating before but doable and now I find it unacceptable. I’m good at this game and it’s fun. I’m good at resource management, skill allocation, team cohesion, battle logic and detailed damage usage. But for days now, I’ve had to watch my beloved Marauder/Zehjin team get abused by Challenge teams I’ve been successful against before the patch. I hope the devs read some of this and try to assure me that the drop balance will be evaluated and addressed. I know everyone in the past wined about imbalance and the response was that you had intelligence and choice during the match. And I buy that. But now… it’s bad. Thanks for listening.

Can you be more explicit about the problem? I am not certain what you mean by “drop balance” in your post. Are you talking about the gems that fall onto the board?

Please give more details what troops, traits you have in your lineup. Your kingdom mastery, banner, etc. What AI teams you are facing.

I’ve found the opposite to be the case, post update. Previously all my personal Kingdom bonuses were added to the AI. Now that has been fixed I am curbstomping the AI in challenges.

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