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Mana Drained by troops without Mana Drain

PC, and Mobile (Android)

Screenshot or video
Screenshot taken immediately after it occurred the second time:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
While playing through challenges, I found that at complete random, my lead troop was drained from being ready to cast to 0 mana after being cast upon by a troop that did not have mana drain listed in it’s spell description or traits.

The first time this happened, the offending troop was Dire Wolf and I was playing on PC; the second time, it was Yeti which did it and I was on my android phone. The only thing in common that I see between these two troops is that both have a conditional double-damage trait.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It happened twice today, today is the first that I have noticed this happen.

Hi @Changer, welcome :slight_smile: Thank you for the screenshot!

Which Troops of yours are being mana drained by Yeti/Dire Wolf? Only with dark troll?

Were there any status effects on A) Your Troops at the time and B) the enemy Troops at the time? (I can see there are none in the SS but perhaps they wore off on this turn)

Does this mana drain happen only when the opposing Troop casts their spell on your Troops?

It was Dark Troll in both cases who was drained. The first time, Dark Troll was tangled; the second time there was no ailment on it. The enemy team did not have any ailments.

The mana drain occurred upon casting both times that it happened; in both cases I had just filled Dark Troll and was waiting for the enemy’s turn to end so that I could cast it; but when the AI hit Dark Troll with the spell it’s Mana dropped to 0.

Thank you @Changer! I just need to confirm a few more things but I have made a report for QA.

  1. Which challenge did this happen in, exactly: For what Kingdom and what were the challenge(s) called?
  2. Slightly different from my previous question, did this happen every time Dire Wolf and Yeti cast their Spell onto Dark Troll, or only some of the time?
  3. Finally, in either battle were there any Troops at all (on your or the other team) who had Mana drain Spells or Traits?

The first time, it happened in the Green is Good challenge in Forest of Thorns, and the second time it happened was in the Abomitable Snowman challenge in Glacial Peaks.

I do not know if it happens every time. I spent about 20 minutes just now trying to reproduce the circumstance (filling Dark Troll up then wasting time waiting for Yeti to cast) to answer that question, but so far Yeti has been a bit stubborn about picking everybody except dark troll to target. The other troops have not been drained though.

None of the troops on my side, nor the enemy side had mana drain on their traits or spell descriptions.

What about using a team of four Dark Trolls? You would probably waste less time filling all of them to check for the bug.

I can try that. But I’m not sure if it’s something with dark troll specifically, or with the first party slot, or a combination of factors, so I’m using exactly the same team I used the two times that it had happened before. That team being Dark Troll, Pharos-Ra, Keepr of souls, and acolite.

Edit: yeah doesn’t seem like dark trollx4 will work. I just did two matches and without the ability to snipe Winter Wolf, it wrecks my team before Yeti has a chance to fill up.

I could beat Valk and Winter Wolf just fine matching skulls… Maybe you should use Normal Difficulty.

I tried using three trolls and my hero in different positions, not once a troll was drained when hit by Yeti’s spell.

I also tested the team you described and got lucky as Yet didn’t took long before using it’s spell on Dark Troll and nothing happened with its mana… Not sure how or why this bug happened for you or if you just got distracted by something and used Dark Troll’s spell. Mistakes can happen.

I definitely did not use it’s spell without noticing. In both cases where it had happened, it was ready to cast and had the spell icon up, then upon being struck by the enemy’s spell was reset to 0 mana before I had the chance to take my turn.

Thanks, I’ve added this! Our QA team will try to reproduce the bug at a later point.

@Changer What game-mode did you play before the issue? Do you remember if there were any Troops in that mode which had mana drain?

Prior to doing the challenges, I had done the daily delves; I do the Hall of Guardians, so there were no mana drainers in the last match. I was working my way through the challenges from right to left, so the battles directly prior to the ones which caused bugs would be the challenges directly to the right of the ones I named.