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Making the tasks fun instead of tedious

True but I think the thing people may are thinking is that changes may come soon.

My impression was always that to may overtune things so that rewards and such feel minimal now and then adjust upwards or nerf harder from the get go and then slowly buff because people are more welcome toward buffs. Eventually you find that balance.

But I also figure no changes would happen soon because early trends may not last and you may not want to solely rely on the immediate reaction to all changes. That once things settle a little, you’ll get a better indicator of things, whatever they may be.

So yes, there was every indication that things aren’t static and would change. I’m guessing that those who were expecting it sooner though may be a bit disappointed.

But I could very well be wrong too. 2 for 10 after all (though I did caveat the imps may finally show too. Hero classes need their traitstones too.)

I personally think one slot for repeatable tasks would be fine. Keep the daily as is, keep the other 2 slots as is, with slot b being more similar to the old system with the variety of rewards and tasks, I think you could even bump the requirements of the repeatable tasks up.

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To answer your above question, “10 for 10 or 20 for 20?”, I vote 10 for 10. However, to get a true answer I have 2 questions:

  1. Are Level 150+ Tasks going to be one-a-day, repeatable or undecided?
  2. Are Level 150+ Tasks going to have Reward variety, be Gems-only or undecided?

To answer Talia’s question, I need to respond to Shiratori’s point first.

Some changes are easy to make, and can go live in a few days. Some types of changes require a full patch, and take a month or more. We’re not at a point where we would seriously consider a change to the function of the tasks - making them repeat a few times each day, for example. But certain changes could be made quickly.

So to answer TaliaParks’s questions:

  1. Are Level 150+ Tasks going to be one-a-day, repeatable or decided?
    — They will remain one-a-day. Revisiting that would be a significant overhaul, on the order of 4-6 weeks to get patches made, tested, and certified. Not that we couldn’t do it, but for something that takes more than a month, we would want to get AT LEAST 2 months worth of player data to support such a change.

  2. Are Level 150+ Tasks going to have Reward variety, be Gems-only or undecided?
    — we already support gold, glory, or key rewards, so this would be an easy change. Personally I like gems - they convert to souls at 1:10, and convert to gold at 1:125, and gem keys at 9:1. The only thing they DON’T convert to favorably is glory. So I think glory is the only other reward I would seriously consider. Daily tasks already have several with glory rewards…

So now that you have answers, I look forward to your thoughts!

give us glory (or glory + some gems) for completed tasks and i would bother doing them again. since the update i finished no tasks because 5/10gems are not worth the time it takes to finish them…

I’d like your input on the question I posted above - would you rather this is improved by increasing the value? Or by decreasing the time necessary?

When designing the new tasks, I anticipated that many players would finish one every 2-3 days, and power players could finish a few each day. It seems as though many players are asking for lower requirements, so they can finish more tasks per day. But that’s a bit tricky, because it means creating more of a “one-size-fits-all” notion of what a player should do each day.


With everything said, then my thoughts are as follows.

I like Tasks being one-a-day, prevents players like me from “exploiting” Tasks. I’m in favour of keeping them one-a-day.

You are right that Gems convert to Souls and Gold well, using Valkyrie and PvP respectfully are better options anyway. Glory is what players “miss”, especially the “Use 4 Maps for 100 Glory” Task. I suggest (using the current model) that certain Tasks with 5 Gems as a Reward can be 20 Glory and Tasks with 10 Gems as a Reward can be 40 Glory.

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5 gems does not translate well to 20 glory. That’s way too low. Especially if we are talking the current system that requires 20 matches with a crappy team. Even with the proposed changes of 10 for 10, I would not consider 40 glory worthy of 10 matches with, say, a team made up of 4 yellow mana troops.

You realize you have the possibility of getting 20 glory from a gold chest and 40 glory from a glory chest, right? You certainly don’t get 5 gems/10 gems from those chests.

I do like the idea of getting more glory as a task reward, but 20 glory is even worse than 5 gems. You would be compounding the “rewards not worth it” problem even more with your porposal.

I would, at bare minimum, value 10 glory per gem, meaning 5 gems = 50 glory and 10 gems = 100 glory.

I’d be moderately happy with a task that was, for instance, “Win 10 matches with troops from the same kingdom” with the reward being 50 glory. It would still likely not be worth it if the task was “Win 10 matches with troops from Broken Spire” for 50 glory, however.

How much glory do you get from a gem key?

@killerman3333 I have never gotten glory from a gem key. Only glory and gold keys for me.

The “baseline” way to earn glory is via PvP matches, where 1 match = 3 glory.

Considering Tasks are probably the worst way to accumulate resources, you must have completely relied on them for Glory

I also prefer one a day. I like the feeling where I can say “I’ve finished.” I’m also more for them being a little shorter (like the 10 for 10 scenario) because on the big scale, it will let people who may not have as well developed troops a better chance to finish them a little quicker and not feel as frustrated by the process, and on the personal scale, grinding out matches to complete things that I would never normally use isn’t that much fun. Sure I can ignore them and treat it like the PC version of the game and do what I would normally do, except as I mentioned at the start, I like being able to say I finished all of them.

Of course you could do a hybrid thing, where you have some “easier” tasks that could be for that 10 for 10 and then say save the 20 for 20 for other slots to try and appeal to both kinds of players. And alternatives to the gems could be glory as mentioned, or even an Event Key (which I know, 15 gems, but still fits within the talks of rewards).

Another possibility would be to create another tier. Talk was having the tasks scale for 150 and below and then change for 150 and up. Well, I know there is quite a different motivation for players who may be around 200 and those who are over 500. This way you can have the tasks aimed for the 1-150 crowd, another for 150-499, and a 3rd for 500+. And while I would suspect that the 500+ are the 1%ers of the game, it would still give those players a little something special or more challenging to do.

Edit: Since I see you responded. While 3 glory may be the baseline for 1 PvP match now, this too is something that will change with the next update. So you could get as little as 1 Glory based on the time of PvP match you choose, all the way up to 9 Glory. I’m guessing these future changes are also being taken into consideration as far as planning the Task Economy.

The “baseline” way to earn Glory is do a Map. 10+ Glory on average.

PvP is the “baseline” way to earn Gold.

This plays into what i believed caused people to not play the game, they did not have a feeling of finishing something.

I rarely see that off maps. Won’t say never, but even when I have “good” runs with maps, Glory is not what the chests usually drop for me.

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I don’t disagree, the problem is you can just do a treasure map if the glory rewards are too low for tasks and get more glory that way than you would with 10 matches. 1 treasure map and you’re likely to get bare minimum 15 glory and often 30+. In the time it takes to farm a map and play a treasure map you’re probably only taking the time it would take for 3 regular matches.

Example: Let’s say the task was 10 matches for 30 glory. I can farm 2 maps and play treasure hunt in less time than it would take to complete the 10 matches, for the same average glory reward. Also, the task rewards should not necessarily translate 1:1. By nature you’ve designed them to only be able to be completed once per day. I see no reason why a once per day reward can’t exceed the normal reward for completing the required number of matches.

Don’t read too much between the lines on my comment. This was one of the first threads '‘I’ve seen’ that Developers (you) are posting serious change suggestions AFTER the update. I’m not going to rehash the HUNDREDS of player posts complaining for months.

If you can implement a small change by reducing the win count from 20 to 10 in a few days, I would prefer that rather than waiting 6-8 weeks.

  1. 10 Wins is better then 20.
  2. Glory is a nice reward.

Ok, is the rng just that bad for me? Cause again, I never see much glory off maps.

If anything, outside of tribute, my biggest source of glory are chest keys.


Glory reward from maps is highly variable, for sure.

I’m sure I’m not representative, but as a ‘mid-level’ player, I do not have an abundance of maps, and spending time farming them, then playing them to extract resources has not seemed like an organic extension of how I play. There’s only so much time in the day and once I’ve cleared my revenge queue, pumped a few invasions for gold, chipped away at tasks, etc., I’m not thinking ‘time to get a Tyri-spam team going’. Maybe I’ll change my mind when my stockpile of glory runs out. Goodness knows I’m burning through it fast enough stockpiling useful Arcanes…