Making lv500 delves 2x


When you max out a delve, the multiplier sets to 1x. So in a sense the game punishes you for maxing your delves.
Can you make the last stage of every delve to 2x?
Thank you.


how about 3x or 4x?
whats your team if u dont mind sharing lol.


I don’t want to be greedy. 2x is fine, but 1x feels like i’m robbed, only because i did well.

I’m using (for hog)
Dragon eye weapon
Queen Aurora
Bugbear (i dont have ubastet)

Now starting crypt but the tactic is the same: transform one of them into dragon, kill the dragon with an extra turn assassin, the rest of the team are mana generators / healers / barrier providers (preferably all at once)


max yao guai + fire troll. that is all.


Not in Hall of Guardians though.


haven’t delve on that far it makes a difference. thanks for heads up tho!
oh wait, the colors, lol… korvash also a friend of mine =)


As someone who has already gotten two out of three factions to 500… I’d kinda like to see a 2x, yeah. I don’t want to be backed into a corner with less rewards simply because I played the damn game too well.

Its all a time thing though. We all have the same number of times we can win on 2x. So getting to the end doesn’t put us at a particular disadvantage. However, we shouldn’t lose out for being there either.


I’m one who has all delves at 500 and it sucks. Not only is it 1x rewards but because it’s so risky doing side rooms most people will just head straight for the boss room. So we get 1x, low chest lv, and the battles are extremely difficult. From today’s 3 scrolls I failed once and with the other 2 rewards combined I think I got maybe 20 shards and 4 legendary ingots. What a waste of my time.