Make unowned creatures more likely to find

With the new legendary unit, I see myself once again opening loads of event chests, finding several legendary creatures I already got while waiting for the new one.
I think, within the percentages to find certain creatures, there should be a second weighting towards unowned and less ascended ones, so that IF there is a unit drop of the given rarity, it will more often be one that is still sought for. Doubled or maybe even tripled likelyhood compared to a fully ascended unit of the same rarity would sound nice.


This is one of those “would make player happy” things but if you put your game designer hat on is also “against the spirit of the game”.

Progress is what drives players, and in GoW troops are what drive progress. Welcome to the “gacha” genre. Your goal in the game, despite all the trappings, is to find ways to get gems that convert into either ways to get more gems or keys used to get troops. Selling gems for keys for troops is one of the three ways the game makes money, so manipulations to gem/key income are carefully done.

HOWEVER, we’ve been pointing out for a long time that due to the rarity of Event Keys and the “only these can get the new legendary” status, the value of an Event Key gets worse over time. A kingdom with 1 legendary guarantees that legendary pretty quick. A kingdom with 3 is a frustrating thing to deal with.

This is a place I’d like to see fixed, and I think the janky Disenchant mechanic is a good place for it. What if disenchanting some number of the “wrong” Legendary guaranteed a copy of the “right” one? You’d still have to blow a lot of keys to get there, but at least you’d get the prize.

But also keep in mind “a player can get everything” isn’t a stated goal of GoW’s design.


Any chance of modifying drop rates or drop algorithms was lost when the SoulForge was introduced. Through the SoulForge you can pick and choose both Legendaries and Mythics, but you have to wait for it to appear. If you want a Legendary or Mythic when it first drops, you have to play the gacha game.