Make Titan more in line with Corsair

Titan is the most used class. I propose we make it much more in line with Corsair.

Remove the 50% Mana start and give it +2 to brown.

Also the Lightning strike talent makes it stand out from other similar classes like sentinel plaguelord etc, this goes against the current game design so better fix it.

I’m sure 99,9% of the playerbase would absolutely hate this change so let’s do it anyway.

Please And Thank you!


I know you’re joking, but Runepriest Slayer makes much more sense as the brown Corsair.

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They first have to bring Stormcaller in line. Looking at the remarkable explanation for the Sunspear change, the new talent is likely going to be “Gain +2 skull mana on skull matches”.


This got a good laugh from me :laughing:.

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I know its in jest but don’t encourage this … maybe they won’t realize. :roll_eyes:


You forgot to mention that 50% Mana Start never worked the way the Devs intended.


Please don’t make a post that they can later point to and say “SEE? People wanted this.”

Sarcasm is a dangerous weapon when used against some…who might misread or twist it…


Skull mana would actually be interesting for first slot mythics like War or Champion of Gaard. Potentially broken, but very interesting.

They should definitely remove Lightning Strike from the game. It is too similar to the tidecaller’s crashing wave talent. Replace it to all stryx allies gain 1 magic when an ally dies to make it more in line with the corsair class.