Make Siegebreakers affect Hero


Since Bosskiller troops can also be used for Boss Dungeons, maybe make Siegebreakers relevent by affecting also the Hero?


I actually think this would be an effective upgrade for both troop types! If I had something that I could plug in and have a chance at one-shotting a high level Hero in PVP, that might make me think about using them outside of their exclusive event. :thinking:
I like it! :+1:


I prefer that we could have towers and other buildings to be defended at Guild Wars. Maybe we’ll eventually have something like that once we get Siege Breaker troops of all colors. :thinking:


Still holding out hope for some repeatable and (not time/energy locked and/or single play daily) content that uses towers and bosses.


Just an attached idea to some thoughts mentioned above. Since its about GW, it would be fun to allow guilds to build and level defensive towers against other guilds. Though, you might get people saying : ‘but it’ll make fighting certain guilds harder’. That’s the point. It just means you fight guilds more your level on more than one aspect. I’ve actually played a few games with the whole Guild Wars notion and also using towers. Some you defended your towers alongside everything. Others you fought the guild members that broke through after your towers were destroyed.

As far as using boss killers as hero killers. I think that’s a great idea for them.


Removing dust from this idea.
Hero has become the most dangerous troop, and our collection of boss killers and siege breaker has grown a lot.

Why not add the text « or hero » in these troops’ description?


Because they would one-shot heroes at 5x damage. I might be wrong but I had the impression the game actually wants us to use heroes, not shelf them as liability.