Make Shoctopus a Green/Yellow exploder!

At least he would be 10 times more useful than he is now.

Mana cost 12 (Green/Yellow)
Explode 12 random gems. Stun 2 random enemy troops.

Trait rework:
Change his Armored trait to Stoneskin, so he can be a better front troop.


This game does not need any more exploders.

It’s not about matching gems anymore, it’s became about exploding the board…


You’ll be happy to know they have more Exploders coming.

In the meantime, I’m still waiting for a decent Green Exploder. Worldbreaker is too pricey and Captain Skullbeard is functional. Need another alternative besides the popular Green/Blue combination.


Also lower the spell cost to 1 mana and give him 100% chance to revive on dying, that would make him even more useful.

Shoctopus feels fine to me the way he currently is, situationally useful, neither a Tau nor a Fizzbang. I don’t really see why the troop the community designed should suddenly get a complete rework.


I totally agree with this, well said.

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We spent how long designing Shocktopus? He isn’t going to get fundamentally changed.

Ah, thank you so much for the clarification. Now we can move on. :slight_smile:

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Green exploder? Bogstrider :+1:t2:

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Love Bogstrider, but that destroys gems. Not quite the same.

Love it more than Marilith at least.

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An exploder not auto-refilling himself everytime, ah yeah the dream.
Honestly though Worldbreaker is good.

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I’m with @shimrra on this. How daft does it seem if the devs rewire what the community ‘designed’.

And the proposed rework just stuffs some desirable exploding into a gap that really doesn’t need filling, if you ask me.


Worldbreaker is good as a damage source.

I don’t care that its not auto-refilling itself each time it explodes. As a primary function of exploding, 32 mana takes way too long.

I like Valraven, even though it can run away. I’m having a hard time finding the right place for it, but functionally it works.

Cool… though I think Valraven was put in to annoy us as an enemy, not for us to actually try to use…

If the AI would mimic my reaction to an enemy Valraven disappearing on cast in events, i’d play him.

I’d play it in such a way that it can explode once or twice, then have a summoner fill in the open slot with something you’d actually want.

On defense, same principal, but Id have it replace a troop I’m already using in my 23 other slots in Guild Wars. Haven’t found a team I liked yet, but the possibility is there. Problem is mine is rare, so I’m losing a lot of stat points.

Guaranteed mana of your choice though, which can be better than a random exploder…

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Actually, Bogstrider and Marilith are both destroy random gems troops. They have their good and bad moments. I should know, I use Bogstrider a lot. There’s no predictability to them, so many times you’ll end up taking a skull to the face from the enemy for your cast.

Shocktopus has guaranteed mana of your choice on destroy, but that’s only 8 gems.

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Fair enough, I don’t tend to use it except occasionally on defence :+1:t2: