Make questlines diificulty dependant on ones you’ve completed already

It is currently possible due to the way kingdoms unlock to (at least on switch) do somewhere like merlantis’ or Hellcrag’s questlines before somewhere like suncrest even though the enemy troops you face up against (37-41 in merlantis and Hellcrag vs 21-22 in suncrest) suggest that the latter should be completed way before the former.

Do you have to do the harder kingdom quests or can you choose to fight somewhere thats easier?

You dont have to but it annoys me that that high of a level jump then climb down is so easily possible

How do new kingdoms unlock currently? Previously, they unlocked in groups and were all at comparable levels to others in the same group.

Each time I unlocked a group of kingdoms, I checked the quest level of each kingdom in order to play the easier quests first.

I think it would be sensible to make all kingdoms in a group share the same level range

Most do, but some such as Hellcrag and dragons claw do not have a similar level to the rest of the group their unlocked with, they do unlock in groups but you don’t always have to complete every kingdom in a group to move onto the next group

Maybe im not understanding something. In your last reply you said you skip some of the kingdoms in group A to do kingdoms in group B, and the complaint is that sometimes that makes it harder?

No, in the same group there are some that are outlandishly more difficult compared to the rest

Is this what gaming is now? When I started a game like WOW, and wandered into high level territory, I got slaughtered and made a mental note to not go there until I had levelled up. Or sometimes, I’d see how far I could go, how many enemies I could conceivably beat, but a few deaths later went elsewhere. I know Gems isn’t a hardcore game, but come on; you’ve got to be at least 10 hrs into the game.

For reference:

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Strange, Hellcrag and merlantis unlocked with groups five and six respectively, when according to the article you linked, they souldnt unlock until group ten, in fact, I have access to every kingdom in group ten available on switch, odd

I wonder if them being featured in Campaigns has anything to do with it?