Make previous event weapons available in event shops, when an event happens again

I think, this week is the first time, a guild event is repeated (invasion/elf). While the siegebreaker troop has remained the same, there is a new, different weapon available.
This is disappointing, as I was hoping, the previous weapon would be possible to aquire through gems once more, as it is the case with delve and class events.

As it stands right now, guild event weapons, that are missed once, are only possible to get through soulforge or money. Especially for new players, that’s a pretty harsh deal.
It’s hard enough to catch up in this game, and it’s not like guild events come around again that often.

I would suggest, that you add all weapons that have been linked to an event to the third shop tier, not just the latest one.


I can definitely agree that the Diamond cost of crafting old weapons is exceptionally harsh for newer players, in my opinion.


On second thought, it takes almost three years (!), until all invasion and raid events are run through and start to repeat (32 and 30 months respectively), and I can’t even take a guess how things are with tower events.
Maybe the whole concept needs an additional approach. If the calender wasn’t that overcrowded already, I’d namedrop weekly personal mini-events, but there’s so many of these already…