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Make guild wars like delve

This would probably make guiid wars interesting to me again. What i mean by make it like delve is once the cards you using does it stays dead for the rest of the fights. Will possibly make guilds shift more as well.

It also inadvertently makes instakill/devour/transform troops dramatically more powerful. Sadly, I think this change to GW would make going 5-0 rely so much on luck it’d be meaningless.

But I like the idea. It’d be neat to have a mode where you face player-created gauntlets to see how well you do.

Not sure I like that idea. I like guild wars the best, I really would not want to make it any more like the other modes, which are all inferior.


Wow, that would certainly tip the odds in favor of losing. I like the idea of a format change, but a troop staying dead, or troop disorientation staying in effect per battle, eeeeeeeep!

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:joy: just no


Nope…nope … nope
I don’t think this would improve GW at all.

Also, the new event will be delve-like. So, we don’t need to make GW delve-like as well.


Yeah right haha u wont reach third match i think do you?Ull be the ubergemmer if u finish em all like daam hehe

Well guild wars is boring to me. Doing the same thing over and over again. It really needs a change.

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It’s not because you don’t like it other players don’t like it.
If you don’t like GW as it is then simply don’t play it.
In my guild we love the GW just as it is, we don’t like the Doom (even after 1 time) so we agreed to not play it anymore. Simpel solution no?

Hell no. Raids, invasions, tower of doom, delves, bounties and pet rescues are all basically the same thing with slightly different restrictions. Guild Wars is the only unique event now and needs to be left alone except for some bug fixes.

I’m probably forgetting some events I ignore 90% of them.


Hmmm don’t remember saying i didn’t like it. Just would be interesting to be like delve. Separate the weak from the strong. Technically it’s just too easy. It’s a better version of pvp. But it’s only once a month now so I’m good with that. Cheers.

Who said this then?
If GW is doing the same thing over and over the other things aren’t? If you put it that way the whole game is doing the same thing over and over… :pensive:

So you obviously missing the point of the original post. Boring and don’t like is 2 different things. When you fight delve and lose a card you lose it until you beat the boss or die completely. In guild wars you lose a card and get it back the next round. In delve you have to fight with the remainder cards you have. I would love for them to introduce a mode like that. Might be a different winner every week. Gooooooo 505.

I think we should make raid more like delve. And can we make invasion more like delve?

I’m-- OOH, thinking out loud here… what if we make PVP more like delve!!1! And dungeons should be changed literally to delves, for sure.

/unjerk Bruh. Stop. Some of us only have guild wars left to love.

Meanwhile the rest of us is moving on with the game. Keep updating 505 I love it hehehe.

Do you even know who 505 is?

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Look, there’s no need to get ornery. It’s a suggestion. People tend to make them because they at least like it from their viewpoint. You don’t have to like it when you read it, and you can point out flaws you see in it. But nobody’s stupid for having an idea, and it is a jerk move to try and make someone feel that way.

The main reason I wouldn’t stand behind this idea is it tilts GW team selection.

If death, ordering, transformation, etc. were permanent in GW, I think you’d see every smart guild adopt this policy:

  • All soldiers must use a team with instakill, reordering, transformation, etc. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a sane team. Just put a Dust Devil on it.
  • All {whatever the 2nd rank is} must also use a team like that.
  • Everyone above that rank can use whatever team they want.

By the time you’ve faced 2 teams that can Empowered reorder you, have a chance to instakill, have a chance to transform, etc. odds are you’ve lost at least one team member. So the next 3 ranks are 4 against 3.

I think there are enough troops that do something to harry you like that this would be easy to accommodate without affecting unique troop bonuses. You would very quickly tire of every first match being a Dust Devil team that uses sick looping with Megavore to sometimes cheese out a kill. Or a “huge tank plus Dragon’s Eye” team that gives you 3 baby dragons to face the rest of the day.

Since those effects aren’t permanent, there’s not a particular reason for a guild to mandate troll teams like this. They’re cheap, and don’t really stop a good team from winning. But when you have to face the next one with effectively 3 troops, the odds you lose another increase. Then you are 2-0 but facing the next-three strongest matches with only 2 troops. Yowch.

Could it be a fun game mode as a new mode? Sure. I think it’d be very challenging to go 5-0 in this mode. I know plenty of players who’d love to brag about it and pretend it wasn’t hard. I’d play it as a new mode. But replacing GW with it would be very frustrating.

Yeah well I’ll drop my mic and go back to playing the game. You have a nice day.

sorry, but i dont approve.

there is however 1 really easy way to improve GWs…bring it back every week or at least every other week!!


A pity I can only like it once…. :heartpulse: :heartpulse: :heartpulse: :heartpulse: :heartpulse: :heartpulse: :heartpulse: :heartpulse: :heartpulse: