Make Guild War icon blinks during GW days

In many guilds, I think there are always those one or two members who are not good at English, and believe it or not, there are still a couple in my guild who does not understand how to enter Guild War…

Can we make that Guild Wars icon a little more conspicuous? Such as having it start blinking if there are still GW battle tokens left? As it is, there are still people who don’t realize that it’s a clickable button.


+1 to this.

Also please can we have the GW button visible on the World Map rather than having to go into the Guilds screen to find it.


Yes please! Can we have this? Blinking on the map would be perfect. People forget.

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Or via the PVP menu as well as the Guild menu?

No. Please no blinking.
Rather a tutorial then that leads to there and shows you around, about the colors, the numbers, where to set your def (figured it out after 3 days when I accidentally clicked on that thing, didn’t know it’s a button) etc.