Make godslayer / siegebreaker / delve bonus separate from 3 traits

Make godslayer / siegebreaker / delve bonus / bounty / separate from 3 traits and call it an Event trait. That way those troops (and there’s lot’s of them) aren’t all gimped with one of their trait slots going to ‘delve bonus’, ‘god slayer’ or ‘siege breaker’, they can have three regular good traits. So those troops would have four traits, one of which is the event trait.

4 delve, one siege, godslayer, bounty troop a month are gimped with only two useful traits. That’s 7 troops. a month.


Delves are different in that you can reliable run 3 delves every day.
Also, godslayers can have a wee bit of use in dungeon (and I think in class events as well?).
Still, I agree that having these event specific troops are crippled often to the point of being worse than most commons outside of events.

Also, I do sort of enjoy the concept of bounty events in that it encourages usage of troops you would normally ignore.

Not going to happen. It is just one more way of getting us to spend gems if we wish to do well in those events. Selling gems for real money is their bread and butter

I agree with the previous commentator. It’s not going to happen. Each troop with special traits just counts into total kingdom troops and, consequently, into kingdom power. I just wonder what will happen when all kingdoms will have their godslayers and siegebreakers.

But I’d probably spend gems to mythic the event troop if it wasn’t gimped outside the event. Now I rarely mythic the event troop.


I forget which is which, but one is based on troop type, the other on kingdom.
But I agree, I wonder if they’ll restart the cycle, invent new kingdoms/types or something else when every box has been checked.

I really like this suggestion, and there should be an easy way to code it: just type things like Zuul, who is a “Boss”

Making “Boss Slayer” cards triple-typed might be harder to code than mono-types like Red Charlotte, but it would be worth doing in this case, to make these cards more worth buying in the first place.

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