Make Gnome-A-Palooza More Interesting?

gow: I have no idea, how many keys you make per gnome rush, but if you got one per fight in my suggested 25 to 50, you end up with even more insane item inflation, than what we already got. I imagine, there are players, who push up to hundred fights in their quarter hour, but even that’s still less keys than what you demand.

And if it means to reduce the immense stress, that comes with a gnome run, the scraping for seconds, the impatience during loading times and the pre-battle gnome parade… I’m happy to even go as low as 20.

My main concern is rather, that it would bring the feature too close to gnome bait in the eyes of development.

You must understand what the devs will do, there is zero (or even below) chances that they give guarantee of VK per fight, nor number of fights. They just reduce the run to 5 minutes and triple the souls, glory and money.

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I understand what you are saying and what you are afraid of, but we are talking about improving the game, not the opposite. If you are doing 15 minutes and getting, say, 15 VK, and if you are doing 5 minutes but also getting 15 VK. You still get the same number of VK in lesser time.

I totally agree with you though, that taking five minutes and not tripling the VK is a bad idea for sure.

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If it were possible to get the same rewards in a fraction of the time, that would simply become a(nother) new reason for the developers to nerf things further. Which is among the last things that the player base as a whole probably wants to see.


I totally agree. No one wants to see it nerfed again.

I really feel bad that in this game we are always afraid to express our ideas because we don’t trust the developers’ changes that will make the game even worse.
It’s really sad to be in the forum and unable to express yourself, similar to what happened in the dungeon.


I would really hate to have a 1 hour pause and only have 1 dwarf in each battle, it would waste a lot of time. But to the developers, this will seem like a very good idea (Oops!). On the contrary, if the palouse lasted only 5 minutes, but each dwarf would be counted as 3 killed and would bring 3 different rewards in the same amount as now, then this would reduce the time spent. But developers won’t go for it. In both cases, the number of awards received in the end will not change.