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Make FILTERS better please

I don’t know what is wrong with them, but filters are really bad at filtering.

For example, I want to see all weapons that add life, so as we are supposed to filter with this new filtering system, I write LIFE in search and what do I get? Everything!


You see? Arrow of Slaying. What does this weapon has with “adding life”? Well, it takes damage, so it takes life, but this is not what I wanted. Okay, so maybe I should write “add life”? Um… No results.


Please fix this, or give us the previous version of Filters where we could chose exactly the effects we are looking for. I belive in YOU, developers, that you CAN bring it back.


Whilst I agree with you, I think I can also shed some light on how the filter is working. I think (and I could be wrong) that it searches for your keyword(s) in all text on a card, so when you search for “life”, it also searches through traits you would apply to the card (i.e. if I search for “life”, I too get arrow of slaying, because I have the Dragonguard class set, which has “life” in the 3rd trait text).

“add life” obviously doesn’t work because the string “add life” doesn’t appear. “give life” doesn’t work either, because typically the text reads “give ALL ALLIES X life”, and it’s tricky to search based on a value of X.

Perhaps an improvement would be to be able to search for multiple words and/or include wildcards (i.e. a search for “give * life” would search for anything where “give” appears before “life” and both appear on a card.


So the solutiion may be to add new option, as it is with mana colour which is nice, to tick if we want to search through weapons and spells and/or traits. I think this should fix the problem.

This has been a long-standing issues with @lyya being the most vocal about the need to have consistent with how spells/effects are phrased so they are easily searchable.

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Search for things like " life." Could be useful, however you would lose out on items that give life and armour say. Seconded for the request to standardise the spell effects, try looking for troops that kill an ally, some say sacrifice others say kill.