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Make Enrage Properly Visible

I made this thread about Enrage not actually being applied, the truth is that its very hard to see.

Need more visibility.

Original post below. “Make Divinia Enrage Troops”


Look at this. There’s no way I wouldn’t have ever rolled an Enrage from Divinia’s third trait, if it was in the pool of ‘positive status effects’ she applies. So it stands to reason that she does not actually have Enrage in said pool.

… Shouldn’t it be there? Either that or fix the tooltip.

Not sure if this should be a Feature Request or a Bug Report but here I am.


Streak of bad luck, or maybe enrage has a lower probability than the other effects but she definitely buffs enrage too.

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But all 4 of your troops are enraged, indicated by the red circle around your “attack” symbol


Exactly this… Enrage is just hard to see, but it’s there

The devs should take this as a feature request to make Enrage a little more noticeable. Since both newbies and seasoned veterans are having trouble telling that it’s been applied.

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Didn’t the old graphic make the swords completely red? If yes, then it was a mistake to change it.

… FML. Yeah what Grundulum said, I spent several delves not seeing this bloody thing.

Edited original post for correctness.


It still use the same effect, but somehow more buggy.

Pre-4.0, red attack symbol appear half of the time, but small red aura is always there. Now in 4.0, red attack symbol never appear, although I have been using Wrath a lot.

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Agree with OP. Enrage needs to be more clearly displayed.

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