Make all the Potion in Delves permanent when unlocked with Gems

I am requesting a simple change here.

Instead of having to wait for the rotation or immediately doing the new Faction Delve in the Underworld. Of course, if you wait for the rotation, you lose all the Potions and benefits - Tiers.

I am requesting that you change how the Potion system works.
To simplify, when you buy a certain Tier, make that Tier available again if it comes, but make the option owned/unlocked for the Potions only, so that this choice is permanently active, just like the weapons are. You cannot craft more than one weapon in the Soulforge if you already own it, the same with potions.

You could make a new interface for the Potions, but I would keep it simple and not change anything.

To summarize it again, if you buy each Shop Tier purchase with Gems, you should get the Potion effect/s permanently active/unlocked any time after the Event for the Delves, a one-time investment.


Since potions were specifically put in for players to spend gems, I would’nt be too optimistic about this.


I know it’s unlikely, but it would be good if they at least worked in the regular Delve as well as the Faction Event when it’s happening.

As others have pointed out, even with the Potions, to try to complete a Pure Faction run starting at Level 20 and getting all the way to Level 500 can involve having to do at least 250 battles in one day which only the hardcore players will have the time (or the inclination) to do.


I don’t see this happening, or at least not without 10-20x the gem price.
But I do agree. With Werewoods I had an insane amount of time to spend on it by my standards and made it to a whopping level 100.

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This is unlikely. Delves were meant to be the LT gold sink but rather than exercise some patience and collate reflective data the company unleashed potions to sink gems instead (they must have actually played a delve or 2 and realised how ludicrous the difficulty and necessary gold sink required to triumph). That gambit worked in one of the most unhealthy ways I can imagine … if you want the renown on a faction u previously failed, you better be prepared to spend serious serious time doing so. Next we get 4.7 and ur gold is nerfed all over the shop. People move to explore to compensate and then experience Kingdom stall because rescuing pets is significantly reduced. And so on. Making the potions you bought during factions available during standard delving is a very healthy suggestion. However, tiers in factions are relatively inexpensive so I think if this was implemented, the cost of in event potions may increase to offset future potion spending in recurring factions. I don’t mind that so much. It’s way more preferable than spending hours playing over 250 battles in a 24 hour events, presuming of course that you are available to do so. This entire faction malarkey needs serious rework to reduce the time requred. It’s been said that max renown could be 300? Great; factor in the required gem expense per tier to balance the books and everyone wins. Where’s the problem with that? We all make mistakes.


I hope that you plan to address this issue somehow!

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I don’t see them ever being permanent, but a week would be nice. The buff from completing all guild basic tasks last a week. They might even sell more tier 7s that way…

The Delve rewards and leaderboard disappear at reset, but the potions stay with that faction until the next weekly faction event, so the 3 daily runs might succeed.

Of course, when a bad board results in two troops with blessed and barrier dying in the 1st room from Curse/Death Mark, what good are 9 power potions? But that is a rare occurrence, and a complaint for another thread. But 6 days to alleviate the pain would be appreciated.

One run I was 39 damage away from having my whole team survive, so perhaps 6 more potions? An extra 1200 gems for 6 extra days? Multiply that times the number of potential participants. Guild events last a week. Just saying, might be reasonable/feasible/economically viable.


Or just bring back old factions for eventless weekends. 3 days are better than one. Dont even need the reward stages. Should also be easy to implement.


seems we might get potions outside of faction assaults !!!