Major League Gaming, Mid-Level Crisis

DISCLAIMER: I think I am hyped up on 2.0 Preview Fever so the faint of heart should just move on to the next thread–likely it is more than anyone could be expected to handle.

Most people won’t give a rip about this, but after running around the house shouting, ”Ding futhermuckers! DING MOTHERTRUCKERS!” and getting no appropriate response from friends or family—I did get a pity high-five, but it was weak and rather sad. I decided to be bothersome and post about it.

Level 600 has finally arrived for our intrepid hero. And oh how I would be fashionably festooned in the sartorial splendor of the Priest class, but the Developers have conspired against me and refuse to drop the six remaining Arcane Summer Traitstones; thus, Archer =p

Ah my friends, it was not too long ago that I was level 1 barely wearing armor at all.

Then came the day when I found a bit of higher quality battle cat armor (pictured below). What a great day that was.

Well, it wasn’t EXACTLY like that armor, but it was… in spirit.

Now that I am level 600, I feel kind of like Krystara is waiting for me to rise up against the machines (cf Constructs) and completely roflstomp and kick some brosauce to the curb. BOOT TO THE HEAD, BRO.

Truly, as I sail into the empyrean heights, there is one most significant danger. It is this: I fear that there may have been a malevolent change in my online persona. For example, when I am PvP’ing, I find myself no longer trying to successfully complete the contest as a brave and noble Knight. Oh no, I find myself wanting to get “all up in n00b’s face and WRek them with my MLG 360 no scope skillz.” I am not even sure what that means, but there it is.

I often find myself quoting action movies before the battle in a dangerous voice: “_I’m going to enjoy watching you die, <_insert name here>.”

Also, I have a slight issue when I lose a match. Um … it is really, really, really bad … let me give you a visual of what it kind of looks like…

Too subtle? Yes, yes… my mistake. Something like this:

In conclusion, losing displeases me now. I can only imagine what it will be like when 2.0 arrives and some jackwagon starts chain wins against my defense team.

;tldr some anonymous nub leveled, didn’t read.


we in same boat, farmed whitehelm for maybe 500 runs and only lacked 2 summer arcanes and I got 0 :frowning:

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Congrats on the level-up. Now that you have reached level 600 it is time to fight against the level 1000s and win in one turn.

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