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Magnanimous is recruiting

Magnanimous is run by former players from top guilds, offering a balanced yet active home for higher level players looking to step back a bit, or for less experienced players looking to profit from the expertise of knowledgeable players.

Current Weekly Requirements (to be increased as membership rounds out)
Gold: 250 000 (none required while leveling kingdoms)
Seals: 1000
Trophies: No current trophy req, as trophies will come from achieving the other two requirements
Guild Events: Mandatory participation in all events with no stated minimums. We just ask that you give them a good effort

  • Last Guild Wars Bracket: 23
  • All Guild Events Finished
  • 40k seal chests
  • 4-5 basic tasks done weekly with all basics and 2-3 epics done during GW week

Visit our discord at http://discord.gg/AV2PxA3

Come join us and take a look around. You won’t be disappointed.