Madrina’s Marauders is an established, friendly guild, all over level 1,000.
If you’re not, but are comfortable with our requirements, the
spot is yours and we’ll help you become a better player!

We Complete All Guild Events
All Tasks + Epics
LV 6 Chests
Top 200 Guild
Cool Interactive Discord

  • Much More!

Min. Weekly Requirements:
400,000 gold
2,000 seals
450 trophies
Must be Level 600+
All Guild Events

Most of us do much more than the min (1.5 mil gold, 1,000 trophies,etc).

If you’re interested please reply here, or PM/Friend Request me on
Discord: madrina#8212

We’re transitioning into a higher requirement guild.
We’re at #188 in the rankings, and are hungry to move up!
Need to replace a few low producing players, hoping that you’ll
help us get there!

Hey! Hope all is well with you! Things are much calmer now, most importantly, we are all healthy. My wife and I worked out some things and we have started new jobs in a new state. Haven’t sold the house yet but we are happy :slightly_smiling_face:

Would love to join again if there is a slot open

That’s great to hear Mooreluc.
Sounds like nothing but good stuff’s been happening for you all!
I’d love to have you back!
But we’ve raised the recs some.
400,000 gold
1,500 seals
450 trophies

Most of us do much more than that (I do 1.5 mil gold, & 1,000 trophies, etc).
We are now ranked # 188 in guild rankings, but we’re
stuck. We need more trophies so we can start going up again.

If you’re up for that, welcome back!
Let me know.
If you’re still interested, give me your in-game
Invite and I’ll see you in guild chat!


Can’t wait to rejoin!

OK, you’re good to go!
See you in guild chat!

Your invite is in your guild mail.
Glad to have you back!

I’m interested

Any openings?