MADRINA'S MARAUDERS Has 1 Spot Open - Join Our Merry Band of MARAUDERS!


MADRINA’S MARAUDERS Is looking for 1 enthusiastic, daily player
to join our kick ass team!

We Offer:
Fun, Friendly Environment
Support, Info, & Help
Level 6 Guild Chests
Legendary Tasks
All Guild Event Stages Completed

Minimum Weekly Requirements:
250,000 gold
1,500 seals
100 trophies
All Guild Events

This is a solid guild full of outstanding people.

Most of us are above level 1,000.
If you’re not, but can do the requirements,
we will help you become a better player!

If you’re ready to join or would like more info
reply here or message me on discord: madrina#8212


Hi Madrina!

I am currently in a guild right now, but I wish to join one with a more active community. The folks that are active are good helpful folks, just wish there were more of them :slight_smile: I am currently below level 1000 (currently 941), but I will be able to meet the minimum requirements. Please consider this my formal application =) thanks for the consideration!

-mooreluc (Lucas)

Hi Lucas!
It sounds like wed be a really good fit for each other.
I need your gow invite code, as soon as I have it I’ll send you an invite through in game mail.
We’re all active. The guild is a bit over 1 year old now, but we’re still climbing up the ranks!

Thanks Madrina! My code is MOORELUC_XKVM

Looking forward to meeting you all in game!