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Machanist Level 40 Talents

Talents are new so I’m not sure if I’m missing something here or not but the three Talents for level 40 for Mechanist Are:
Gift Of Fire All Red Allies gain 1 Magic.
Gale Force All Yellow Allies gain 2 attack.
Mentor All Alies gain 1 Magic.

Is this a mistake? If not, why would anyone choose Gift of Fire over Mentor?

I haven’t looked through all the classes, but there seem to be a few others like this (warrior level 1 Ferocity (+4 attack) Vs Exemplar (+4 attack in pvp) For example.)

Each class has three out of twelve talent trees. Depending on the combination, some tiers may offer inferior/superior picks. For a class that has access to the Fire tree without having access to the Knowledge tree, Gift of Fire might actually be a very good choice.

For a really awful talent choice, take a look at the level 100 tier of Bard.

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