Lycanthropy, the gift that keeps on giving

I just finished a painful match against the wereverine team in the weekly event.

When i hit the enemy team with lycanthropy, they transform into a new creature at the same level (70 in the case of this match).

Meanwhile, when I got hit with lycanthropy, my level 18, 19, and 20 troops came back as level 1, level 1, and level 5 troops!

This lycanthropy mechanic is nails-on-chalkboard irritating enough, but this is a whole new level.


This is due to the “bug” that lycanthropy currently works like transforms by a friendly effect.
When you transform one of your troops yourself it will be leveled and traited as you have it in your collection, I assume the transformed troops you got are not leveled in your collection then.

But as actual debuff it is meant to half the level of the troop. They are working on it.

Ouch! I didn’t realize your own lycanthropized (is that a word? It is now. Come at me grammar warriors) troops would match your own collection. All of mine are level 16+ and most fully traited so I never noticed.

This is brutal for newer players who struggle to get just a couple of max level teams, and where traiting just isn’t really feasible.

If one of your troops is transformed, does it half the level as well or match your collection level? So far the discussion about halving level has been on the enemy team.

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Yep, confirmed, transform on your own troops halves that troop’s level. Used The Possessed King to test this.

My transformed troop at level 10.

That troop in my collection is level 20.

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Yes, that is how an enemy transform effect should work but as it is currently, Lycanthropy (not sure if it’s only the case when it comes from lycan gems or as spell as well) is working like a friendly effect.

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Yup, I checked the three troops I was “gifted” through lycanthropy and they indeed are exactly the same levels as they appeared during the match.

So awesome…

I should point out, though many have probably realized this, that this bug is especially painful for going up against wereverine in the weekly event since it’s pretty damn difficult to avoid getting hit with lycanthropy in that fight.

For someone like me, with a sparse roster, this is particularly crippling.

So when is this getting “fixed”?

Nothing screams fun and engaging gameplay than having your hero turned into a level 10 troop because wereverine is a lycanthropy machine. It makes for such a great weekly event!

Next update, 5.6, will have the fixes. Unknown date.