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Lvl 834 player looking for an active guild

Lvl 834 now. I gained 75 lvls since last Sunday.
1500 seals by Wednesday (so no seals for any guild today, Sorry.)
800 K gold or more now (last week 860 k with 60 k donated to GW)
100 to 150 trophies a week (around 200 when a PvP event is going on).
I get to rank 1 in PvP now.

I know some guilds have indicated they want me including 1 guild that sent me an invite twice. I will take the first invite that looks good. I’m looking for a guild that complete GTs at least by Tuesday with a requirement of 100 to 150 trophies.

Rufinray where are you?

Presto it’s time to come join! I promise you won’t be disappointed! Our guild numbers are off charts. We have 3 people in top 100 now! It’s tine to join and stay with us