Lvl 800 PC/Mobile player searching for guild (closed)

Hi, my current guild (BlockBusters lvl 426 rank 43) is closing (you can find info about it on forum). So I need to find new one. It’s not easy for me, because i was in my guild about 400 days and really love them. I am lvl798, can donate 350k+ gold, about 150+ trophies and 800+ seals weekly. Often do 450k gold 200+ trophies and 1500 seals, but not every week.
I will not press harder so I just not good enough for TOP30 guilds.
I need to move from guild so would like to know if someone ready to enlist me?

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Pm sent! Thanks.

Hi - I’m in the same boat as Stun. Pretty much same contributions and looking for a new guild as well

Hi Serene,
Realm of the Undead would have a spot for you. Rank 85.
Gem masteries currently 69 to 78.
Requirements are all kingdoms levelled.
1500 seals, 200 trophies, 300k gold.
We are a team oriented, social guild, use LINE for communication.

Thanks to everybody. I found new guild.