LvL 645 ronin looking for adventure


ASUS_6 ready for action


What platform are you on? PC/Moblie? Xbox? PS?


Pc and


Cool. I was just asking so your thread could be moved to the right category. Plus, it helps guilds to know if you are on their platform.



if interested, let me know.


Celestial Peak rank 46 recruiting! We are GW-Competitive (Bracket 3) with Casual Weekly req of 500seal/100trophies/Daily GW. 40k Seals and completes all Tasks! Discord/FB preferred


Wasted Talent is looking for members


Troublesomestrumpett have a couple of slots free if you are interested


What are your typical weekly numbers? (gold / seals / trophies)


Thanks for the interest, I’ve found a guild.


We ask for 750 seals or Gold equivalent.

We don’t currently have a Trophies requirement.

We’ve just long a long-term contributor, so we’re looking for people to help fill the gap :confused: