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LVL 550 Active Player seeking active Xbox guild

I am an active player in a currently inactive guild looking for a fresh start in a guild that has high participation

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We are an active guild. We got 40k seals early last week due to the cheap VIP packages. We completed all the guild task last week for Synergy. We also donated the 1 mil twice. 2nd time the reward was a Jotnar Stormshield for all guild members.This week we are on Portal #6 already. We could use you in our guild if your interested. Of Ares and Athena. Level 96 in trophies / 56 in guild wars on last week’s guild wars. Wyoming Pixel is my gamertag. Add me and message on Xbox live or here or both.

The TAG Xbox 1 folks are looking for some new players

PM “Powerdriven” or “ASHerrLEIGH”


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Dragon’s Quest is looking to add to the family, we are rank 19, hit legendary tasks day 1 or 2, bracket 1 or 2 guild wars. If you are looking for a top ranked guild without top rank stress contact GrizzerBear1717 or Optimystical 1.

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This is now a new member in Of Ares and Athena. Just letting any recruiters know so valuable time isn’t wasted. Good luck all in your searching.