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Lvl 39 Looking for a guild

I am fairly new player that is looking for a guild that could help me with my journey in this game.
I am trying to achieve tier 1 every week.
Thanks in advance
Invite code : KRYNCIOR


I am the guild leader of Blockbusters, we currently have 1 slot open. We have a minimum donation requirement of 15k/wk. For more information about our guild follow this link: Blockbusters Recruitment (Shutting Down in One Week)

If you are interested, feel free to PM me or reply on the forum link above.

Hey how are i tryed invie you i need ur full code

Hi, Mariana, GM,m Realm Of The Undead.
Our only requirement is you join us in guild chat.
We play as a team and enjoy helping new players
Look for us, or send invite code