LVL 147. What to do next...?

I am currently level 147 and just completed each questline for every kingdom. I have every kingdom leveled to 5 and am continuing to level up to 10 as I progress. Besides doing basic PVP and getting bored with challenges in specific kingdoms, I am having trouble finding where I should focus my attention. I am in a decent guild that gets close to or over 40,000 seals a week. I have 1 mythic troop (Scorpius) and only 1 legendary troop (Jarl Firemantle). Besides those two, I consistantly am bombarded with low level troops and now that I wont receive any epic troops from questlines, how can I get new mythic and legendary troops? I understand the randomness of this game but would like some tips on what to focus on now.

You could do the events for the guild. You get mythic troops from Legendary Tasks and gem keys and glory keys and event keys if that kingdom has a mythic

Your main focus right now should be getting all your kingdoms to level 10. It will likely be pretty difficult to engage with any other content at this point because almost everything assumes some bonuses from kingdoms. I’d skip challenges for now because they are both low enough stats to not be challenging and slow enough to not be profitable. You’ll want to probably come back and clear them with a team that completely trivializes them, but at least you’ll get resources.

Beyond that, most rewards that can build you collection are meted out as “low-hanging fruit” to be grabbed easily through structured systems with a clear cutoff, some of it being easier to obtain than others (tributes, guild tasks, daily tasks, seals, PvP t1, dungeons, delves, glory packs, snotstones, etc). The best way to build your collection and thus progress is to pick up as much of this low-hanging fruit as possible every week starting with the easiest and most profitable things, which depends on your level of progress. Right now, only some of this is probably viable for you to complete (maybe you can get some stuff done with Poison Master/Scorpius). You should definitely be hitting dungeons and at least half of the snotstone rewards by now, and if you aren’t doing the daily tasks regularly, at least repicking until you get one that is easy.

Grinding gold is somewhat of a necessity in early game to get your kingdoms up to level 10 to make more of these rewards readily available to you, but outside that, it is all about putting yourself in a position to grab as much of this low-hanging fruit as possible so you can slowly build your collection over many weeks. After you’ve picked all the low-hanging fruit for the week, your prospects of collection progress significantly dry up until next week. If you wish to continue playing after all the easy rewards have dried up for the week, your focus is much better put on progressing the troops that you do have than trying to build your collection. Past the gold barrier, there is also another gap where you can farm souls and traitstones for progress, but again, only to a point your current collection allows you.

You should be saving Event Keys for kingdoms that actually have a legendary you want, and save diamonds to craft mythics (or one of a few game-changing legendary troops, like The Dragon Soul or Yao Guai). You’ll want to eventually probably start saving gem and glory keys for upcoming mythic to maximize your chances, but for now, you are way better off taking your chances with the random pool because you still have a really good chance of getting new troops and you really need the game-changers.


Great advice.

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Hm, when you’re in a decent guild, why not use the guild chat? I’m sure people are happy to help you.

That members are meant to focus to get their kingdoms to level 10 is actually a given in any guild I know. That’s what they’d tell you.

Apart from that, there will be a daily routine:

  • the daily missions
  • guild events
  • underworld/delves
  • dungeon

Occasional other events you find under Events and in Games.

If you use the game on a mobile device you can set the web alert to ‘pet rescue from guild mate’ to increase your pet amount. It works most of the time.

Then there are personal goals, mostly about crafting something. You want mythics? Craft them. Or building teams for farming (soul farm team, money farm team…). Farming for armor (if you haven’t bought one) etc.

It’s farming, farming, farming.