Lvl 123 casual possibly looking for a guild

I’m currently in a fairly nice casual guild, but it has very few active players of the 30 members. Consequently we only reach around task 3-4 or so of each statue weekly, and 5-6k seals, often less. I’m still grinding through the quests for epic troops and challenges for souls, and I plan on really doing pvp only after “finishing” these pve portions.

So my question is, are there slightly more active but casual guilds out there suitable for my level of play? I donate around 20-40k every week (the rest I use to slowly level my kingdoms, only got 2 at lvl 10 and all others at lvl 5 still) and make 300-500 seals (not many trophies yet, for lack of pvp), and if some of the around 20 nonactive members of my current guild came even close to this we’d be getting way more done than we currently are. Not that I’m the top member in my guild by any means, still a pauper and a noob by many standards I reckon. :smiley:

Cheers, Az

Oh and I play on mobile and would enjoy for there to be some lighthearted guild chat too. :slight_smile:

Hi, Azrael.

We’ve got three openings at the moment and I’m sure you’d be a great addition to the Pride. Read Order of Bastet recruitment and let me know if our Guild is of interest:

Hi Lady_Kendra, I actually noticed your guild already and am definitely interested (and I spend most of my nights in a household with a cat! :wink: ), but I do have to say that at this time I don’t think I can quite hit 750 seals a week yet. Once I’m done doing quests (got around half the kingdoms done I think) I’ll hopefully start getting seals faster from doing pvp matches, but it’ll probably be a couple months still until I get there, unless I accept slowing down with the quest part.

Hey there, Azrael. :slight_smile:

I understand working on Kingdoms. I ask any member coming in to focus their priorities on upgrading their Kingdoms. I typically ask that those coming in have Magic Kingdoms (Karakoth, Zhul’kari, Darkstone, Blighted Lands and Silverglade) at level 10, and the other Kingdoms at at least level 5.

Not sure if you’re aware, but there are a wonderous array of ways to be able to get Seals; Logging in gets you seals.

But… No worries. Most of my Pride probably doesn’t have quests done. :slight_smile: