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Lvl 1160+ LF Guild. No Discord, please (CLOSED)

I am level 1160 and still growing :wink: I can offer to the Guild 700K/1500s/300t every week (sometimes more).
Sounds good? But there are always “buts”. I am NOT a daily player. Sorry. I do my battles mostly on weekend. And I am not using line, discord or any other additional software, in-game chat is enought for me.
If anyone is interested PM me here.
Thank you

You look like you are a good fit for Sushi-Bar. We have a spot open and we would like to offer it to you. For more details about who we are and what we are about, check us out here:

at sunday I will have free spot:

If you are interested, let me know.

Troublesomestrumpett have a couple of slots free if you are interested.

Thank you everyone.
Guild found.

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