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Lv115 looking to find a guild

Hey guys,
I’m a returning veteran starting fresh and looking for an active guild. I just started again and I’m grinding the game a lot. If anyone is willing to take me in and help me out that would be amazing.

Invite Code: Silver_56

@Scorpion_Punk do we have space in any of our starter guilds? Assuming, of course, that @Franky plays on Xbox (pinging you to give the advice that you might want to list which platform you find yourself playing on, as well as any other details that might be helpful, such as your invite code)

Haha totally forgot thanks for the ping. :smile:

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That’s a “veteran” Invite code.

When I read “start fresh” I read that as starting a new account. Your Invite code indicates otherwise. At least 2 years old now.

I owned a couple accounts thats one i had not used at all so starting fresh in a sence

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The game has changed a lot since i was playing on my main so i wanted to use a this account to experience it all

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So, interested. What platform are you using? :smiley:

Pc and mobile

He updated the thread category to PC/Mobile . Before it was unspecified :+1:

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