Lv 500 Delve Defeated! 😎



Congrats! Great achievement!

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Holy cow. You beat me!!! (by hundreds of levels…)

Also, let’s see that winning team. Hand over your secrets.


FYI, they don’t stop at 500. They keep going :laughing:

good to know, I’ll make sure not to clear 500 then :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you start rushing to the boss and skip most rooms at some point?

Most definitely. Did all room up to about lv250. After that not worth the risk if your goal is to get to 500.



How? It has only been up for like 10 hours.

Quickest route is only 3 rooms. The Intro fight and boss fight are pretty easy and the other is a forced Epic fight. Depending on the Epic fight, it can be fairly quick.

I’m taking my sweet time, trying to clear every room possible unless forced forward by the game (bulettes in the forced epic room for example). Also, I’m going slowly as well lol.

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A bad to the ass team. That’s for sure.
Congratulations Fleg! I’m glad I changed my mind on farming level 20 and am instead beating the boss every time.
May I ask how many gems were spent to get to 500?


Congrats :ok_hand:
Which team did you use? Or is that top secret? :hushed:

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