Lv 1133 looking for top 100 semi-casual Guild [Closed]

Level 1133 looking for new Top 100 home. Looking to contribute 500k, 200 Trophies, 1200 seals, (usually I do more but I don’t want GoW to be a job). I will also play my daily GW matches. Not looking to join Dischord so Facebook or game chat. If interested let me know, currently helping a low level guild.

Hi! We are rank 190 atm and we are super casual and active… We recently lost several members to more hardcore guilds and are kinda rebuilding. If you would like to help us in that process we would love to have you! PM me if you are interested :sunglasses:

Hi Freakynation76
We are former members of Stratagem (top 4) and we have just created Stratagemini, sister guil of stratagem.
We are looking for veterans who want to play more casual, we have posted a thread in the recruitement topics.

May be you could come and give us some help to start.

See you

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Thanks everyone but I’ve found a home with Royal Fire

Ok, cool.
You better close this topic or you gonna be joined by all GOW community :slight_smile:

How do I close :tired_face:? I’m old and technology scares me lol

Just edit title to include [closed]

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