Luther, you slimy bastard! Stay away from me!

We had asked time and time again for the Option to completely disable Training Messages from Luther.
However, today that I had lost one match in the Tower of Doom, he struck again and forced me to use a one-time free Sigil option, so I had no choice but to waste it.

Get rid of Luther when I don’t want him around!

Before you ask, the option to click on the X to close the Interface was not an option for me.

That’s a major bummer. My “B” button worked on my console, so they should have made sure your close-out “x” worked :frowning:

The free Epic Battle feature is a bit of a mess. In my bug report, the “free” battle kept disappearing.

I later found, Luther would keep showing up on losses, not just your 1st loss of the event. Each loss would make the free battle disappear for me. Sometimes restarting the game would make it come back.

I finally used it to get rid of Luther.

Did you try just choosing the “normal” battle? That wouldn’t use up your free Epic battle.

I got this as well and I can’t remember what I did exactly since it was a couple days ago (after I lose my first ToD battle), but I managed to get rid of the screens without using a sigil. I think on Koromac’s second screen, I tapped anywhere (I’m on mobile) except the Normal Battle that’s outlined in green and Luther’s icon and message went away. I was then able to tap the X to close.

Or just use it and get the achievement for. It would take a lot less time than making a post on the forums.


You don’t understand.
I already had this screen during the Class battle, so I did not expect another one in another game mode.

19th or 20th Tower of Doom when I lost a battle, I got it, but I am not sure if the message was exactly the same.

You could try to lose a battle in the Tower of Doom and see for yourself.

No. I am not even sure if it was possible or if it would have had any effect if I did just that.

I didn’t try. But I did lose a battle yesterday. And I don’t have any Luther pop ups but I don’t have any free bonus battle stats either though. If you use them, they’ll go away and your nemesis Luther will go away as well.

Strange. We have a new Stalker - Luther, and it only stalks female Heroes.

Nope. Just failure to communicate. Like 90% of other issues. Easily fixed with proper reading or listening.

Don’t presume things you’re not sure of.

I didn’t presume anything. You literally showed that you have free ones to use in the SS you posted. :man_shrugging:

I see that you edited the OP. I’m happy to of helped. You’re welcome. :grinning:

If you chose the epic battle when Luther told you to but switched it back before you started the battle it may have worked. There isn’t much point in saving it anyway there will be more then one occasion you will need it.

Oh. If you choose normal battle, it won’t use up your free Epic Battle. I’ve done this twice now to save my free one. It was only after the 3rd time Luther came to bug me that I gave in and used it.

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The snarky answer is “You can always quit the game.”

But what I really mean is, “I bet if you closed and restarted the game you’d evade Luther.”

Otherwise that’s bullshit if losing one match forces you to pay a sigil. We’ve already been over “we don’t like tutorials that force us to lose resources” once with the devs.

Thanks for letting us know about this team. We have reviewed our tutorials in the past, and at earlier levels we made the change to give you the resources to spend so players are not out of pocket.

This isn’t a pressing issue, but we will review it when we get the chance. (You can exit out easily, but maybe there is some miscommunication we can look at.)