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LTs are trash

Last week 1 of our guys banged in a 100 million when we hit LTs. The rewards were shocking and this week is more of the same 4 glory keys, 8 gem keys and 1 event keys for all that effort? Cmon…make it worth doing.


That’s a total of 120 glory keys, 240 gem keys and 30 event keys for one million gold. I don’t really see what’s supposed to not be worth doing about it, feels like an amazingly good way to spend gold.


No. That’s 1 LT. If you are calculating this (clearly) as a grp drop then individually it is still shite.

Of course I’m calculating this as group drop, because that’s what the million is buying. If everybody individually throws in a million, everybody individually will end up with 120 glory keys, 240 gem keys and 30 event keys. When buying a round of drinks for everybody you also only get one glass, even when paying for a few dozen.


So I went ahead and did a very long and detailed post, calculating the apparent value of the OP’s LT reward (came up with about 412k worth, based on last 3 tiers of green, red and yellow normal tasks), and was going to explain how that base value needed to be increased (and maybe it still needs to be), but then I stopped to think about the value of a mythic troop. Sure, it’s rare. Even legendaries are rare in LTs. But what is the value of a mythic troop in gold? Is 1 mythic troops worth 1mil, 10mil, 100mil or even 1 billion? Maybe just 100k gold, who knows. Point is, it probably offsets a lot of “losses” from the previous payouts.

While I agree that 4 glory keys sucks as a payout, that’s the minimum you could get. I’m sure that the times when a mythic pops up feel amazing though, but we quickly forget it when we see all the others ones that don’t seem particularly useful. Having never been in a position to reach LTs yet, will let you know my ecstasy/frustration when I experience it.

Okay. So from an individual perspective, are you saying that the guy who put in the 100 million got value for his efforts?

Of course he did, he obviously wanted to throw a huge party that involved 100 rounds of free drinks. Are you saying the other 29 guys didn’t get value for his efforts?


Heard From guilds that did a ton of LTs over years, the drop rate of mythic is 1 in 250.

Yes. Absolutely I am. The rewards in the aftermath of the debacle known as epic tasks should represent the effort involved. Why are players suddenly ignorant to the stupidity and joke that LTS now represent?

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If you refuse to look at LT’s as a guild reward (x30) then you must include in your “value” all the LT’s the player received for free from other guildmates. You can’t claim poor value when you buy an LT but then say nothing about all the ones that cost you nothing.


All LTS cost as a group. One guy doesn’t do all tasks week in week out. The truth is that players have become immune to the ludicrous introduction known as epic tasks. LTS should offer better rewards as a consequence of the extra effort required to earn them as a consequence of ETS. But no. Instead, players seem to have just accepted yet another colossal resource sink and the mediocrity of rewards requiring huge effort