Loyalty & Honor (beginners guild, sister guild of The Golden Phoenix Inn) looking for starting players or groups

After a very hard period, we are now rebuilding Loyalty & Honor, sister guild of The Golden Phoenix Inn .
The guild was built as a beginners guild, with the goal to create a warm and friendly place for new players and people with special or particular conditions.
The only requirement is 750 seals, and we strongly suggest the use of Discord.

When Loyalty & Honor was full, we created a weekly award called “Hero of the week”: the first L&H member to reach 1500s, will be promoted for one week to GPI, sharing the rewards obtained by the Inn (usually about 25LT).

Now, the roster is down to about 25 active players (we are still in the process of understanding who is truly active).

We are looking for single players, groups of players or for a guild that could be interested in merging and coming to L&H to have again a full roster of active members and to reactivate the Hero of the week award.

If you are interested, come to the Inn Discord to have a chat https://discord.gg/xmtdmzs or contact me via PM here or on Discord MadKing#0962.