Love Is In The Air

The new glory chest of the week cost 500 glory!!!

But the imp is base Legendary, so you only need 5 extra chests for Mythic

edit: Oops! left out a key word.


FINE, character limit…

So its 6 x 500 = 3000 to get one Mythic, vs 16 x 400 = 6400 to get one Mythic.

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Is it worth getting the mythic?

If you really want. If you’re just collecting, one is enough.

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I’d say it depends on whether or not they release an Imp Kingdom…

Why no love for console players. :frowning:

We get some weird robot thingie, hardly fills the heart with love!

Got one for the collection, even if I knew I was going to use him I would not spend the glory on it. double red trait stone are not needed, and I am not using very valuable red minor/arcane trait stones on a non-kingdom troop.

If a clearly superior card is released (same effects for any of less_mana/more stats/extra benefits), and it is at the same or lower tier, then it is indeed a “nerf” of an existing card.

However if that same card is at a higher tier, then it is not. Actually that is a most common part of design of cards and other games.

The new elemental is at better tier – while its attributes are definitely NOT all better.

Doubtful, even if you actually use it in a party.

Well the console is handled by a different group than who you find here for one and for another the console seems to be a week off anyway. The holiday gem sale for example happened the week after Christmas instead of the week of and following like the app.

We on console seem to be more then a week off lol Like he said we got Tankbot 2000 and Wrenchmaster 5000 this week…

But Ruzin brings up some thing that has been bugging me… “Why no love for console players”
This is the offical Gems of war fourms heck when you make a post ya can select ps4/xbox 1 from the drop down box… Yet if we post here we get oh thats the other company.

.And They never a post about what going on with console…you guys got the 1.09 sneek peek post…yet nothing about the 1.08 preview part 1 for console was posted by a dev…Even the facbook page blows off any questions about console…

Would be nice if your the offical fourms for the game both companys should be talking and relaying info to your customers.

Its frustraiting when you put money(oveer $200 yes im addicted) into a game and feel like your getting shafted no info or help

Console is largely handled by 505 and they don’t do much on these forums unfortunately.

i heard it explained/understood it to be something like this:

a book store bought the rights to the book.
a video store bought the rights to the video.
the book store and the video store dont talk about what they are doing but they do have to follow the same plan somewhat because its the “same” thing.

Fortunately instead of just a movie - they decided to make a series tv series out of it and decided to stay true to the book but they are lagging. they still don’t talk to the book store about how to make it at the same time…

so as the video user, you cant make the video maker come to the book store help desk. which is really too bad. :frowning:

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Oh i understand what errks me is the drop down box in topics for ps4/xbox1 lol why even have that…And why put a IN-Game pop up message telling us to come here to see the preview for 1.08 if you didnt copy the link good luck finding the video buried way back lol if your gonna point me here… how hard would of it of been to put up a new post or even the same old one reposted on the front page with the word console added lol

Its like the 2 companys arent talking at all, you got one telling us to come here and the other saying gtfo we cant help you lol

a bunch of people play both and the fan base really does care about the video AND the book :slight_smile: so that way we can at least help where we can and we dont say things like - what do you mean you dont have traits! or what do you mean your AI makes mistakes.

Lmao ouch that hurt haha…I so can’t wait to get them on my main account (ps4) been messin on my pc with them they seem cool

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[quote=“Sin_Cattivo, post:45, topic:3565, full:true”]… how hard would of it of been to put up a new post or even the same old one reposted on the front page with the word console added lol…


Why the thumbs down??? and your quote has nothing to do with the anoucement last week Feb 01 2016

not a thumbs down but a pointing to the down showing something below.