Love Is In The Air

What Kingdom is this guy in?

In Lamia’s defense, the Empower trait is what makes her somewhat viable now, so I think there’s room for both.

Primal, like the other Imps.

And Siren gets this as well. Of course Siren is still more temperamental since its based on enemies…

@Tacet I don’t see this imp being objectively better than Lamia. She has multiple points in her favor, including:

  • Collecting 2 mana colors, compared to just one for the imp
  • Lower mana consumption (9 vs 12)
  • having Empowered trait, which can make quite a difference.
  • being of lower rarity, means you can get all her traits (including Empowered) more easily.

We can deal with that on a case-by-case basis.

In this case… well… I’d be inclined to say no, for example, because part of the attraction with Lamia is that she starts empowered, which was exactly why she was being traited in the first place (also Lamia has a decent buff coming in 109, so this spell doesn’t make her obsolete.

Other things we’d take into consideration, would be color differences and mana costs… BUT at the other extreme, if we had a red/green troop that did X damage for 10 mana, and we released a red/green troop that did X+2 damage for 9 mana, then we’d certainly offer a refund on the first guy. In practice though, nothing will be that simple, I’m sure!


Which makes me wonder. Lamia can’t use Charm in case there’s only one opponent left. The Imp of Love has some additional damage tacked on, what happens if you try to activate the spell in such a situation? Will it inflict the random damage and not Charm, refuse to activate the spell or do the Soothsayer Manoeuvre (I’m still a bit miffed that one cost me an arena run)?

In that case it inflicts the scattered damage, but not the charm (and you get to see the sad-face message pop up)

Do to this being primal are the seasonal imps in the chest or will it be random?

I got a winter imp this morning and another one last week, so currently winter seems to still be going on. I have no clue about the others.

The new glory chest of the week cost 500 glory!!!

But the imp is base Legendary, so you only need 5 extra chests for Mythic

edit: Oops! left out a key word.


FINE, character limit…

So its 6 x 500 = 3000 to get one Mythic, vs 16 x 400 = 6400 to get one Mythic.

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Is it worth getting the mythic?

If you really want. If you’re just collecting, one is enough.

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I’d say it depends on whether or not they release an Imp Kingdom…

Why no love for console players. :frowning:

We get some weird robot thingie, hardly fills the heart with love!

Got one for the collection, even if I knew I was going to use him I would not spend the glory on it. double red trait stone are not needed, and I am not using very valuable red minor/arcane trait stones on a non-kingdom troop.

If a clearly superior card is released (same effects for any of less_mana/more stats/extra benefits), and it is at the same or lower tier, then it is indeed a “nerf” of an existing card.

However if that same card is at a higher tier, then it is not. Actually that is a most common part of design of cards and other games.

The new elemental is at better tier – while its attributes are definitely NOT all better.

Doubtful, even if you actually use it in a party.