Lots of Issues (Steam PC)


Most these bugs seem very random & as far as I can tell, they can’t be recreated/reinitialized.

  1. Random Crashes & Freezes -
    Doesn’t matter what I’m doing, the game crashes at random points and pretty much everywhere. It use to be a LOT more frequent when I was first trying the game out, but it seems like you managed to reduce the frequency, just not overall. Mostly though it happens during battles, both in PVP & PVE, but everywhere its not so frequent.
    The freezing part is way less frequent than the crashes though, but they tend to happen when the game is trying to crash, but sometimes it recovers & resumes gameplay.

  2. Extra Turn in Treasure Hunt -
    The game apparently has issue with counting multiple extra turn gains in one turn. This has never changed, its been happening since I first started playing GoW, and getting multiple extra turns isn’t hard to do at all, but the game sadly only counts 1 extra turn, but ignores the others that were gained. If it weren’t for this bug, I’d have at least 1 vault per Treasure Hunt, but with this bug I’ll consider myself INCREDIBLY lucky just to get one vault after several separate Treasure Hunts (using more than 5 scrolls/maps).

  3. Music Randomly Off & On -
    Another very random, but not really a big deal in my opinion since the music will start up again after 1 minute or so. This is mainly an annoyance than anything.

Other issues are very rare, like once a week, but still might be worth mentioning:

  • Box for text when reading dialogue & story will disappear making the text barely readable.
  • Selecting a different race & gender (Hero Tab from World Map) after having already created your character will make the game get stuck there (only way to get out of it is to force close it with task manager in Windows 7).

Thats all the bugs I’ve come across so far.

Slight Suggestion: Make a Sticky Thread for Bugs & Glitches you guys are already aware of and are working to fix them. Will save the Forum from getting cluttered up with Bug Reports that you’re already aware of.


The extra turn in Treasure Hunt is not a bug. If you read the description, it clearly stares that only one extra turn per cascade is awarded. I have no information on your other issues.


While not getting the extra turns is indeed not a bug, I would definitely consider as a bug the fact that the sound effects exclaim ‘Extra Turn!’ when no extra turn is actually gained.


We are aware that some PC player are experiencing random crashes. We are trying to investigate but have not been able to reproduce this.

Basically we’re keeping watch on it but no updates at the moment.

As River Song said this is intentional. We’re currently looking at turning the Extra turn animation off after the first time it triggers. No promises though when this will go out.

Another issue we’re are aware of and on the investigation list, as it is slightly minor bug, it’s not high on our priority list at the moment.

I haven’t heard of either of these bugs occurring before. It would be great if you could send an email to our support team with any details on these you have.

We will definitely have this for the next patch release.


the first one… i see a lot. usually after ive been playing more than 1 hour. my game screen tries to pull itself out of full screen and moves the bottom right. ill add a screen shot… usually can get this at least one time a day… what other info do you need about my system for this?


That sounds just like a memory error if it takes time to build… Try restarting the game client or restarting your machine now and then…


Where is that description? And if its intentional to NOT gain multiple extra turns, why not? It takes 5+ gem matches to gain extra turns, and if we get those, we should get awarded what we did for it.
It would be like getting those multiple 5+ matches in regular battles and not getting the extra coin with them.

Anyways, this is all I see when it comes to the description of the Treasure Hunt & Maps:


It was in the tutorial the first time I played it; haven’t seen it since. If you didn’t pay much attention to the tutorial you probably missed it.


It’s clear that it is not a bug. I agree that the sound could be taken off after the first extra turn, and that will probably be fixed soon. As long as every player goes through it, its not a loss or gain for anyone - its equality.