Lost my account

Hi. I lost my account. Invite code was SHIBBFATE. Blockbusters guild level 500+. My forums account name was SHIBFATE. the email it was created with no longer exists. Hope you can help. We talked in game chat.


Your best way of getting help would be to send in a ticket, it might take a few extra days to get help tho, since the weekend is just around the corner.


My account is banned, please tell me if there is a possibility to unblock it? In my account 8 VIP. Banned allegedly for hacking, but I did not use anything like this. What support has been silent for a week?

PS: Bumping ancient dead threads doesn’t help. Neither does spamming multiple threads.


Bans are not delivered lightly. 100% of players banned state they did nothing ban-worthy, so taking your word just won’t do.

Your best best is to start another account and play fairly.

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