Lost after rejoining game...need help with decks

Hi everyone, I rejoined the game after a long period of hibernation. Found out that things have changed a lot. The last update I was still active was at the point Abyssinia, War, Plague etc. mythics were initially pushed out. I understand a lot of people are also asking here. Could anyone suggest some suitable teams for me based on my current collection (including resources that can be used to trait)? Also what are some possible teams I should get by crafting? Would really appreciate anyone who helps!!!

Current main team (it’s really old & haven’t made changes): gorgotha/anu sceptre/goblin/death
(All fully traited except goblin, old sorcerer class - was used for mass damage in the past)
Current soul farming: warlock/warlock/valk/death

My collection: https://gowdb.com/collection/88e2d8a5fe5456b37e68a099dee83fa1

@iudicium welcome back!

The great maw
Infernal king

This team works very well and was the old meta back in he day, should work out well

Thx…Which traits are necessary?

Only Mercy’s full trait that’s it