Losing stats when leveling up?

I’ve noticed that when I level a troop it appears to lose some stats…

Leveling Arcanus from 1 to 2

M -6- -1- -7-
A -4- -5- -7-
S -6- -4- -10
L -11- -4- -8

M = magic A = attack S = shield L = life

1st column = original
2nd column = stat change (bold numbers are the green ones)
3rd column = adjusted stats

Near as I can tell, it seems to have affected all of my Troops.
Needless to say, but I shall, losing Life really hurts.

The leveling screen only shows you the base stats when you get it to level X. Look at your troop card and you’ll see the increases are right.

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Okay, maybe I’m not understanding the math used.
So using basic math

magic 6 + 1 = 7
shield 6 + 4 = 10

So using that logic
attack should be 9 and life should be 15

Okay, I must be missing something about the green numbers. Even so, my Life should not drop 3 points.

Here’s what he means, GoW hides most of this from you and it’s very unintuitive.

Imagine a brand new level 1 player who isn’t in a guild and hasn’t done anything to get any bonuses. The player gets a new troop with 8 HP. They spend the souls to level it, and it gets +1 HP and goes to 9 HP. Easy!

Now imagine a higher-level player that’s got a +10 HP bonus. They get the same troop, and it has 18 HP. That means:

8 base HP + 10 bonus HP = 18 total HP

But how it levels is confusing. When they level it, it still gets +1 HP. But how it looks on the leveling screen and how it ends up are two different numbers.

On the leveling screen, only base HP is considered. So it will show the troop as starting with 8 HP, getting +1, and ending with 9 HP. This is true, because it’s ignoring any bonuses due to the player’s account.

On the troop screen, bonuses are considered. So it will show the troop as starting with 18 HP, then after leveling it will have 19 HP.

In combat, other bonuses may be considered, so it’s possible the numbers will be different there.

If you really think that leveling a troop caused you to lose HP overall, it’ll take a series of screenshots or a video to prove it. If you think a troop has the wrong HP, post these screenshots:

  • In the “Hero” screen, on the “Skills” tab, every out-of-combat bonus is listed.
  • A screenshot of the troop card from the “Troops” screen.

We know what the base stats for every troop should be for every level and ascension, so we can compare what you have to your bonuses and tell you if something looks off.

My guess is you have a +3 HP bonus and the process has confused you because there are 3 different “correct” numbers the game can show you and it’s never consistent about which it displays.




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Ah, I believe I grok. Thanks to both of you for the help.