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Losing huge amounts of 'automatic' (AI) battles

Since the last mini patch they put out (~June 6 or 7), I’m constantly losing ‘defense’ battles that are automatic (where the game takes my defending team and fights battles for me). Eg, I come back from fighting a ‘ranked’ battle against, say, the middle guy where I win maybe 18 pts., but when I get back to my stats I’ve ‘lost’ so many auto battles that I’m hardly making any progress towards the next tier. I’m using my best team for ‘defending’. I RARELY lose when I play MYSELF! The AI evidently is nowhere as good as I am, and it is not properly defending me. My level is ~264. I’m not a newbie here and this is really ticking me off. Whenever my team DOES win (rarely), it wins me 3 or maybe 6 pts. When I lose (much more often), it sticks me for like an average of 11 or 12 pts. What is going on?! Thanks.

By the way, just for clarification, on my stats page I’ve won 33 and lost none when I’VE played myself. When the AI plays for me it has won 4 games and lost 23! I’m using the same team for both. That’s pretty bad AI, to say the least. I’m sinking big time. Help!

So you’re saying that you usually win when playing against the AI… but somehow expect it to do better against other players? It’s the same AI, whether it’s playing for you or against you.

The AI isn’t very smart, and does not perform well with complex teams. It’s best to give it troops that work well independently, rather than ones that must be chained together or whose spells should only be used under some circumstances and not others.

Like goblins or something similar. I recommend finding a team from the story line and buffing it like crazy. (looking at you knight team)

I’ll try my Goblin team and let you know. It’s a pretty pumped up team right now. Thanks.

Don’t worry, it’s NOT just YOU. The AI is incredibly stupid, that’s why we WIN 90+% of the time against it and lose 90+% of the time it defends for you. When it’s defending for you another player is playing against the dumb AI, so naturally they are more than likely going to win. I don’t like it any better than you do, but it’s just the way it works when you have a PVP game that is NOT really PVP.

This game is Player vs. AI and always has been. I honestly don’t understand WHY they even call it a PVP game cuz you NEVER play against another actual PLAYER. You are ALWAYS playing against the AI that just happens to use other Players’ teams. If it was truly PVP, then there would be wait times to enter a battle (which most people don’t like) and there could be the opportunity for live chat during the battle (which I think would be awesome, btw.) but as is, we play the AI who uses our teams against other players and other players’ teams against us.

Unfortunately, it seams this is the best solution. I personally HATE Goblin teams, I cannot stand them. But I’ve been buffing my Goblins recently simply because it is the ONLY team I ever have a hard time personally beating while invading.

There are a few other really good teams that are hard to beat, but GOBLINS are by FAR the hardest team for me personally. It’s just that they all get those extra turns and charge so damn fast that once they get charged they can keep going for ages just beating the crap out of my team, gaining extra turns along the way.

Did I mention that I completely HATE Goblin teams? I really do. LOL

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I remember when every goblin team would destroy me in seconds & I’d see higher level players saying, “Pshaw, goblins, they are nothing.”

& I thought, huh? When and how does this transition occur?

And it’s probably not the same for everyone but I’ve gotten to the point now where I look forward to goblin teams because they’re such reliable and easy wins.

I’m ~250 now so I’d say, to the OP, probably not goblins, alas.

I run king and i am getting chewed as my team no longer qualifies against lower level players.

AI playstyle fits some teams. First I managed to kill some 7300point team and then got destroyed by 5000point soothsayer, alch, valk, queen mab team. My whole team was freezed to frozen with some mana burns.

I tried an experiment. I set my defense to 4x Imp of Love, all at level 1. It made my score so low that I would always be the “easy” opponent and people wouldn’t bother choosing to fight me since I was worth so few points and only 1 trophy.


I had a team sitting around like that from pre-2.0, so I just looked at it again. The team score is 3200 or so, even though the Imps are all level 2 with no traits. I’ve seen team scores below 1500 crop up in my opponents list, so I think all you’re doing with that team is making yourself easy fodder for low-level players. When they come up in your revenge queue, they’ll almost always be the lowest team score, and lowest rewards for a win.

All this is to say, I don’t know that your strategy of fielding an intentionally weak team will work out like you intend.

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Well, thanks for all the replies… None of this would bother me that much except for the fact that now since 2.0 they actually remove real points from you and you keep slipping back and back like you’re running in place sometimes. I wish they would somehow temper this feature somewhat so we don’t feel like we’re getting nowhere when we log in after a nights sleep. If anyone finds a really good team for this, please let us know.

I’m using a small troll team:


Currently it’s not able to troll that much, but that will change once all traits are active.

I’m not getting much invades (my team has a score of 5300) and most of them end in victories (5:3 atm)

Agreed. I don’t have any problems with Goblins anymore after Luther got his third trait.

That is interesting, i think i am now the hard opponent with a team score of 5k. might change it to something else.