Lore and Order

Or you know, maybe many more possibilities.
I have 21 for a base score of 15, and 27 for a base score of 19.


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Hrmm… your data set suggests multipliers of 1.5 and 2. That’s possible, as I can’t remember seeing a triple reward this time, and I wasn’t looking for a 1.5x result personally.

There are multiple possible solutions using coefficients of 1, 1.5, and 2. More than the previous set.

Although your data sample is small, it fits reasonably with one of the possible solutions of 75%/20%/5%. Given that this solution fits neatly on the fives, I’m more likely to believe it over the other possibilities. But, that’s personal bias coming into play. On the other hand, Occam’s Razor.

One important note: Because of the 1.5x multiplier existing in this data set, many reasonable solutions reach the same effective multiplier of 1.175, which rounds to 1.18.

Thanks for posting your data set and observations, @cyberkiwi . At a minimum, this suggests that the multipliers that comprise the 1.18x effective modifier can change from event to event.

The possibilities become more numerous if you don’t restrict yourself to convenient probabilities. If a formula was used to derive the chances of getting 24 vs 30 vs 36 (etc.) points, then it may well wind up with a 92.158% chance of 24, a 6.633% chance of 30, and so on. All of which would still average out to 1.18x multiplier, but which make it much harder for us to figure out what is going on.


This is how my Tomes of Evil end up after all sigils (T2 purchase) spent and used, no games lost, no ravens fled.

Another random factor is how many Tome of Evil fights are being offered - after all tallied up, I ended with +15 on my brother (same T2 purchase, but he got a few triple base amount rewards along the way; no full data set, unfortunately) because, well, his last Tome was L485 whereas I got two extra Tomes.

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Not spending a single gem on future world events is also beautiful.

@kafka. I lost x2 vs Tome of Evil, but that is not important. The animation afterwards is what bothers me. I made a 10 second gameclip afterwards. I don’t know how to upload it tho. It is in my Xbox activity feed tho. I will add a screenshot. Invite code ‘chunky mono_njsz’.

The animation actually lasts closer to 20 second, but the 1st 10-12 is the part that hurts my eyes. I don’t understand why the icons need to move.

The Tome of Evil and the Tzathoth icons bounce back and forth repeatedly, for no reason, and…I don’t see any benefit to it other than to punch me in the eye. that’s what it feels like anyway.

that one?


One decent thing to come out of this week is a troop that is a welcome bonus vs L&D and Weaver.

I’ve found it great with a mix of teams, as your only worry is death mark. If you place immune troops at the bottom, you basically can completely stop the team with any kind of team really.

Pair with a troop that does splash damage and you can rotate who you strip magic from to keep it exploding.

If you just keep hitting one target, like L&D it’s spell becomes useless and explodes 1 gem.

It could use a slight change, to give it ‘explode a gem’ , then do it’s stuff, but it’s okay.

Also it’s not affected by web.

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Based on those two most recent datasets above, discrete multipliers of x1.4 and x2 seem to fit each data point, with rounding.

Checks out for these, too, with multipliers of x2.4 and x3 also seeming possible:

I still stand by this, though, tbh:

yes sir. I don’t know why the buffering was so long, maybe my internet. But that was more than a slight wiggle, and it happened prior to both losses, and anytime I return to that screen, lasts 10-12 seconds, and then gradually slows to a halt.

Thanks for the link.

Thanks for the post. I initially thought Keeper of Lore would be useful, that’s a lot of magic stealing, and unlike the Illithian troops, he actually gives you some board control.

I almost posted about him, but talked myself down (mainly due to the fact that he does nothing besides steal magic and explode gems, and he has some serious diminishing returns as a round goes on). Probably a useful troop on a purple-centric team though.

By the time you run out of Magic to explode, you should have won by that point. So, it is an effective troop. I’d use it except its still too slow in the current environment and I don’t think I’d want to run Keeper of Lore/Holy St. Astra just to make it worthwhile.

Fair points. He does fit poorly with St. Astra. His slowness would probably necessitate pairing him with another board control troop, at which point he may be crossing the too-much-work-to-use threshold.

There’s enough there that I still think he could still have some niche utility on certain teams though - freeing up the hero to use non-board control weapons has its uses. (To that point, it’s a shame he has the exact same colors as Life & Death.)