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"Lords of the Ring" seeks ambitious players! Guild Rank #21 (FULL)

Looking to get into a decent guild before Christmas Monday? Send me a message on PSN (name is MorreskiBear) to discuss the details. Please don’t post your invite code here. I check PS4 messages often.

Current req’s are 400k 200t 1500s. We are willing to work with newer players who are still in the process of levelling kingdoms. The seals however, can be earned by anyone and we expect 1500 of them.

Guild wars, Raids, and Invasions are strongly encouraged - but only play to the extent you choose - there is no pressure to spend any gems or resources on sentinels or shop packs for any event.

We hope to find those players who enjoy the game and spend time playing it. And if you do, why not play in a guild for everyone’s benefit?


“There is only ONE Lord of the Ring… and he does not share power!”
–Gandalf :mage:

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Actually, there are 30 of us now. And it does get complicated during bathroom breaks. Will edit title and repost when looking in the future - guess that’s the procedure, eh?

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