Lord of the Hoard (achievement)

Years of wasted attempts…i play every day but i never see the Mimic x5 battle(don’t even know how it’s done).i find it frustrating to play for a random target,and i start to lose interest in Gems.i think i fought at least 30 mimic battles x2. Anyone have a suggestion? I always do the x12 challenges and the ones where I activate 20% bonus mythstone. I play on the xbox-one platform

@Cri676 Try your luck on Wild plains e10 phoenicia magma dragon maraj queen for 50% mana start and leprechaun.


I’ve just given up on it as impossible.
I stopped tracking after boss battle 5000 and got exactly 3 hoard mimic fights.
According to the devs, I should have had 500 mimic fights (try 72) & 50 hoard mimic fights.
Make The Damn Thing Craftable!


What’s really annoying about it is there is no progression for it. After countless battles, I am no closer now than I would be if I didn’t even play. Maybe have a pity timer, like vault keys.

Remember the “Try this one, Geoff” trophy? You knew it was going to be a long, time-consuming grind, but at least you could see progress being made.

“Lord of the Hoard” - Worst.Trophy.Ever!


There’s an official drop rate for these? That would be surprising, since anyone who plays explore consistently would have noticed how much rarer the mimic fights seem to have become over time. (I play mainly explore and got lucky with 3 copies of the mythic in the first few months, but Mimic/Hoard Mimic chests have become so rare that I just assumed IP2 reduced the drop rate).

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In batches of 1000 boss chests since the introduction. Does it look like reduced encounter rate?

If I went through our chat history, I’d dig up some chunk data for my brother, but overall should do fine for now (dang, those troop drops!).


Looks consistent, thanks for the data.
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Didn’t realise lava Strom counted for Phoenicia’s spell, nice :+1:

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Set up a hoard mimic fight in all the kingdoms and then fight them all like I did here:

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@Whiskeyjack Best e10 grind team EVER!! :wink:

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It took my a year to just get 9 horde mimic fights. At that rate it would take me 4-5 years to get all the kingdoms setup with a horde mimic fight.

I’d rather just give up and play other games.

Maybe for the best, no point in keep playing a game if it isn’t fun anymore.

If there IS a trick to getting that achievement, someone please share!