Looking to take over dead guild

Looking for Pc/mobile guild that someone wants help with . Looking to take leadership role . Looking to not make alot of requirements . If this sounds like something you are interested in contact me . I have 8 other guilds across 3 platforms . We have discord with alot of help .

What you are proposing is interesting but your sales pitch is poor. What qualifies you to take over a guild plagued with inactivity?

Also your post sounded like you want to bypass the 25k fee and just wanted to take over a dead guild

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Not trying to buy anything . I already have 3 guilds on xbox and 3 on mobile / pc . I know a little about the game . 25k isn’t anything . Thanks for inquiry .

I’m the leader of my guild and wouldn’t mind having someone who plays and knows how to recruit and communicates with the rest of the roster. Only one requirement, to contribute 150k in gold toward tasks minimum. More than half of the guild does well but wouldn’t mind getting help with other aspects of the game. We currently rank 101st but made it as high as 87th